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Pet Portraits - Dogs, Cats, Animals and Landscapes by Isabel Clark - English Artist - Frequently Asked Questions Page

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pet Portraits - Dogs, Cats, Animals and Landscapes In Oils or Watercolours

Q1.  What do I need to send?   A1.  One CLEAR photo and a deposit of  just 20% of the painting price, your name,  address, telephone number and delivery address -  including post code. See my Order Form page on the links at the top of this page. Also, a safe contact email or phone number in case I need to contact you and if you wish the painting to be kept secret from a family member.
Q2.   My pet has died and I am not sure if the photo I have is clear enough.  A2.  If your pet has sadly died, I am very willing to have a look at your photo to see if it is clear enough to generate a painting from. However, remember that the clearer the photo the more details I can see so, obviously, the better I can paint the portrait..
Q3.  If I am not happy with the painting, will I get my deposit back ? A3.  Yes, the deposit would be returned to you without question. I want you to be happy with your portrait.  All you need to do is return the painting to me, in good condition, within 14 days of receipt by you.
Q4.  Do you deliver to overseas addresses? A4.  Yes, many of my orders come from the United States of America, Australia, China, Spain and numerous other countries.
Q5.  Can you deliver by a specific date? A5.  Yes, so long as you allow me at least 6 weeks to complete the painting (depending on size and complexity). Just state the date you require it by.
Q6.  I want to order for Christmas but do not want it delivered yet. A6.  I can hold your painting and deliver it to you nearer to Christmas. Indeed it is best to order early and get to the front of the Christmas queue. This also applies to birthdays etc.
Q7.  I want the painting delivered to a different address. A7.  Many of my paintings are delivered to another family member or friend or to a works address to keep it secret from the intended recipient..
Q8.  I have left it too late to order a painting for Christmas.    Q8.  I offer personalized Gift Vouchers so the recipient can choose their own favourite photo for a painting after Christmas or the celebration. These Gift Vouchers make very unique and exciting gifts.
Q9.  I have never ordered anything this way before and  I would like to speak to you personally. Q9.  No problem. Just pick up the phone and dial UK 024 76462885 and I will be happy to speak to you, write to me at the address on "The Artist" button on the sidebar, or email me  E-Mail 
Q10.  How does the painting arrive? Q10.  The oil painting is sent stretched over the stretcher bars (the wooden frame that supports the canvas), ready for you to frame with a decorative frame of your choice.  Watercolours are sent unmounted and unframed. 
Q11.  What about framing? Any local art store should be able to frame your painting for you.  They usually have a range of styles for you to choose from.

Make sure you ask the person serving you in the Art shop, to measure the painting for the frame themselves. Then if there is any error, the error is not yours.

Q12.  How long does the painting in the mail take to reach me? A11.  I use Special Delivery for next working day delivery for UK addresses.  Overseas deliveries usually take about 4 or 5 days, but can take up to 14 days if, say, the US customs are behind with their checks.
Q14.  How long have you been in business? A14.  I have been painting professionally since early 1992.


Isabel Clark BA (Honours) Fine Art

Pet Portraits of Dogs, Cats and Animals in Oils or Watercolours

by Isabel Clark, make Very Special Gifts.

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I just need  a CLEAR photo of your pet dogs, cats, ponies, horses, birds or any other pet animals, persons or places, to create a unique and special gift.

If you do not have any clear, close up photos of your pet, take some NOW.

If your pet has sadly died and it is too late to take any clear photos I will willingly look at your photo and let you know if it is clear enough. I love my pet portrait work, but one of the saddest aspects is where an old pet has died and the owner has no clear photo to remember their friend by, or, indeed, to create a pet portrait memorial to their lost one. So take those pictures now, even if you do not yet decide on a painting of your pet.

The happiest aspect of my work is when my client has received their pet portrait and telephone or write to let me know how delighted they are in spite of the tears over their lost friend. I have so many lovely letters telling me how the portrait of their pet is now taking pride of place in their home, and how they feel their pet's spirit is still with them whenever they gaze at the painting. So do not hesitate. Order your pet portrait painting today.  You will be so glad you did.

Children or any person or pet can be painted into the scene, even if they were not in that particular photo. Many things are possible. If you have a special request, just ask. If it is possible it can be done.

So, if you have no CLEAR photos, get clicking and send your favourite photo to me for that dog painting, cat painting, animal painting, or landscape painting. You will be delighted with the result.

Pet dogs, cats, animals or any child or adult can be painted into the scene, even if they were not in that particular photo. Many things are possible. If you have a special request, just ask. If it is possible it can be done.

We should all value our historical houses be they palaces, farmhouses or cottages, they are our links to our past and provide us with stability and continuity, but sadly, many are being allowed to deteriorate beyond any repair. It would be a poorer world with no physical reminders of our ancestors presence. Whenever, I get the opportunity I am out painting and capturing little corners of this England onto canvas or watercolour paper.

We should have much tougher laws against the pollution of our rivers and fields, and stricter laws to protect pressured animals and green spaces.

Imagine a world with only one creature, the human being. What a dreadful place that would be. We must all do our best to alleviate some of the harm man has done to this world and its animal inhabitants. One way is to enforce planning controls for new human dwellings, office blocks and factories that are sympathetic to the natural environment.

I believe many of the most sadly abused animals in the world are farm animals.  Thankfully, in 2012, the EU outlawed pig stalls, although many EU countries have still not complied with this welfare requirement. There are so many other abuses meted out to these animals and I think most people would be shocked to discover what exactly is allowed.  The UK is, actually, ahead of the rest of Europe on many issues but still has a long way to go.

The welfare of this Earth's wild creatures is something I feel very passionately about. We have done so much harm to these fellow residents of our planet, who, of course, have as much right to exist as humanity. Wild animals, including the smallest insect have no less right to live out their natural lifespan as ourselves.

We should not attempt to turn all their wild habitats into pretty parks for just our enjoyment. Nature is wild and beautiful in its wildness. Wild animals need to be wild and free and people can find enjoyment in this too.

We cannot turn this, still beautiful, Earth into a controlled, barren environment for the convenience of just one of this world's creatures, ourselves. We can help these animals in many ways, such as not mowing every piece of wild meadow near our towns. No voles, hawks or butterflies can exist on a lawn. These animals need the shelter of tall grasses to hide in and to feed from. Where there are no hiding places, there are no wild creatures. Where the grass is mown no wild flowers can flourish. However, with a little goodwill on our part it is amazing how quickly Mother Nature heals her wounds.

Remember the warm days of summer as, during the cold days of winter, you gaze at your painting of your sunny garden and home.

If  you want a really unusual and special gift for a pet or animal lover for Christmas, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter, Anniversaries, Retirements, Presentations or any other celebration, a portrait of a beloved pet is always a unique and very welcome gift. Whether it is a dog painting, cat painting, horse painting, wild animal painting, bird painting, child or adult human painting or a painting of someone's home and garden, it will bring delight and surprise to the recipient.

Pet Portraits of  Special Pets make Special Gifts

Isabel Clark's Pet Portraits of Special Pets make very Special Gifts

Pet Portraits of Dogs, Cats, Animals, Wildlife, People, Landscape Paintings & Greeting Cards created from Your Own Photos

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